About Us

TLC Marble & Tile Care was established in 1991TLC Marble & Tile Care was established in 1991 and has been providing our customers with the best service and care ever since!

We offer advice and support regarding the cleaning and sealing of all natural stone including terracotta, marble, limestone, sandstone, granite and porcelain/vitrified.

Pre-sealers will lower the porosity (density level) of the tile allowing it to dry quickly and add strength to the final seal. Pre-sealing also makes it easier when grouting and for cleaning off the excess grout.

Penetrating sealers will absorb into the stone and provide excellent protection against oil stains/food type stains.

Natural stone and other tiles are much easier to keep clean if they are sealed. Most penetrating sealers will keep stains out, but have to be wiped up within a reasonable time.

Surface sealers are not recommended for outside use as they are UV unstable and can be slippery, Natural stone must be able to breathe.

TLC can suggest a simple "slip test" for tiles, and we have anti-slip treatment for most tiles.

TLC can supply and fix Anti-Graffiti penetrating sealers for natural stone.

We will provide a Cleaning Maintenance Program for all natural stone and tiles.

TLC have access to a High Pressure Clean and Capture Machine for cleaning large areas such as driveways, concrete areas and walls etc. This machine can operate inside and outside, collecting and delivering water to waste. This enables treated areas to dry quickly.

We provide a full range of tile cleaning services to meet our clients' specific needs and believe that your building should always reflect the quality and professionalism of your company.

Make your facility sparkle with our excellent commercial cleaning/sealing service now!

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